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Angela Merkel, the illegitimate leader of Germany, said in a online address that anti-Semitism, which she did not attempt to define, is a “threat” to German democracy, which she also neglected to define.

German democracy includes such democratic laws as the one against “holocaust denial,” which gives the German state dictatorial powers to jail individuals who express skepticism of Zionist claims about the holocaust.

The German democratic state also prosecutes people for displaying certain symbols it doesn’t like. For example, the Swastika, an ancient symbol often used by Buddhists, is banned in the country. Anyone caught sporting a Swastika or other symbolism associated with National Socialism and Adolf Hitler can be fined and jailed.

Communist and Zionist symbols are not illegal in the country, however. Denying or doubting communist atrocities is also allowed in the democratic German state.

The German democratic state is close allies with the Jewish apartheid state of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu meets Angela Merkel

Pictured: German leader Angela Merkel and Israeli terrorist kingpin Benjamin Netanyahu. Merkel is tight friends with Jewish supremacists like Netanyahu, yet condemns German nationalists as a threat to German society.

fuente : http://therealzcf.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/opposing-jewish-supremacism-a-threat-to-german-democracy-merkel/

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